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Within CSR and social entrepreneurship, we offer a broad scope of applications:

We can assist with putting in place the basis of your social responsibility initiative. Key to this is ensuring that any programme your organisation embarks on is informed by and reflects the core competencies and business strategy of your company.

We will use forums such as community readiness programmes and workshops to identify the key stakeholders of your planned initiative – while Theory of Change workshops help ‘prepare’ your organisation for the journey ahead.


A key approach that sets Behold apart is our formalised Impact Measurement tool based on Social Return Of Investment (SROI) Methodologies. This is our framework for measuring and accounting the value generated from your CSI involvement – allowing you to evaluate success in very concrete, real terms:

A scientific approach - Change is measured in ways that is relevant to the people involved and the organisations. This is achieved by looking at social, environmental and economic outcomes – which is translated into a monetary value. The net result? We can calculate and give you, in real terms, a simple ratio of BENEFITS TO COSTS.
Understanding what has happened - Evaluative SROI lets us look at the returns of a project retrospectively and based on outcomes that have already happened.
Examining what lies ahead – Forecast SROI lets us predict how much social value will be created by a project.

From human dignity to community health, we are able to express these criteria in terms of a monetary value and a narrative or ‘story’.

We originate our own CSI ‘ideas’ or initiatives – developing them into viable projects then pitching them to the right partners to bring them to life. We work with social entrepreneurs to help them realise their vision and translate it into a viable business plan.


Adopt a school Foundation is a non-profit Organisation which fills an important gap in the provision of quality schooling. The foundation mobilises companies and individuals to support the creation and enhancement of a conducive learning and teaching environment in disadvantaged schools.
The Adopt-a-School Foundation does not only improve the quality of education but it also creates and provides employment. Since inception the foundation had build over 300 schools, which in turn has created over 4 000 temporary jobs, benefiting over 390 small and medium sized businesses.

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In November 2013 Behold South Africa (Behold SA) in partnership with Hillbrow Entrepreneurship Initiative (HEI), hosted a delegation from Air France/KLM on their two day visit to the city of Johannesburg. Our guests found convenient accommodation at the Parktonian in Braamfontein, very near to the locations of both Behold SA and HEI. Our guests arrived on a warm Tuesday on the 12tof November around midday and after some freshening up and lunch at the hotel, they were ready to start taking in the city. Following a brief team meeting and a quick rundown of the programme, their visit began at HEI café where they were put through some team exercises with a hint of fun

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BEHOLD SA in direct co-operation with its mother company BEHOLD NL, was requested to conduct a research for the Naga Foundation on the dairy-meat industry in Kenya. The research is to establish whether or not it would be a viable possibility to build a hydrological corridor and form trenches for water preservation whilst creating income generating activities within the coastal region of Kenya. This was based on the fact that Kenya, like many African countries, has a struggling economy due to unemployment and poverty and their GDP is primarily boosted by the agricultural sector. The report looked into the general information regarding Kenya including its political and

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Behold SA conducted an impact assessment on three of Sasol’s major Social investments,namely: Boithhorisong Resource Centre, TechnoX and Osizweni -two of them resource centres and the other an annual science exhibition, held in a rural town in the inland Freestate.
Sasol is an intergrated energy and chemical Company working to support the development of mathematics and physical science as Well as foundations for professional Careers in South Africa.

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Shake The World (STW) promotes and creates awareness on the untapped potential, talents, and stories of the female crafters in Kwazulu-Natal (KZN). It supports these women by helping them earn a living. Embedded in the stories is the awareness for the Eight Millennium Development Goals. STW is selling beaded bracelets that have a pendant on them. They come with a postcard telling the stories of the women that make the bracelets. There are eight different colours to the bracelets each representing a MDG. By buying these bracelets you are supporting the remarkable mothers of KZN who make the bracelet to earn an income. You also contribute to developing South

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Symphonia for South Africa is a registered Non-profit Organisation, with the vision to strengthen the fabric of South African society. Symphonia leads and initiates projects that are intended to engage South Africa in processies of nation building so that we can truly be a country that is "Alive with Possibility".

What? How? Why? Let us start with the What? "Symphonia" literally means the sounding together of voices, which is the ethos of the Organisation and the vision for the

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We, at Behold South Africa, believe in and have built our lives and business around social transformation. We believe that change is a conscious decision that occurs when society and communities decide that they want better and act expediently on that desire. As such, we developed a new and exciting way to tackle the field of consulting for corporate South Africa that provides quality services and addresses social issues. Youth unemployment, unnecessary brain drainage and a lack of availability of part-time

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The International SROI network was formed in order to gain momentum amidst many other measurement tools. In South Africa more specifically the network aims to increase SROI interest in the country both from potential clients and practitioners. Behold’s very own, Reinoud Willemsen (Managing director SA) has been elected to stand as the chairperson of the network in South Africa. The principal CSR consultant and trained specialist for SROI methodology is not only the active chairperson of the SROI network SA, but also the founder of the network in South Africa.

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