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Symphonia for South Africa is a registered Non-profit Organisation, with the vision to strengthen the fabric of South African society. Symphonia leads and initiates projects that are intended to engage South Africa in processies of nation building so that we can truly be a country that is "Alive with Possibility".

What? How? Why? Let us start with the What? "Symphonia" literally means the sounding together of voices, which is the ethos of the Organisation and the vision for the nation. Creating opportunities for all the voices to be heard is How Symphonia goes about in enabling people to live remarkable lives, not only through creating opportunities, but through engaging people in their work.


Symphonia strongly believes in the responsability of organisational leaders to engage and harness the collectieve intelligence of all people around them and engage their workforce with a sense of enthousiasm and possibilty.

Impact assessment conducted by Behold SA Consultancy (Pty) Ltd

Objectives of the study

To understand the tangible impact that the PfP programme has created thus far and assisting Symphonia in addressing potential funders that want to see more just qualitative stories.


Behold SA has several practitioners schooled in the SROI methodology. The SROI methodology. The SROI methodology is firmly based on accounting principles.
It is important to understand the Theory of change. In order to save time Behold SA makes use of the ToC which already exists, as formulated by Symphonia. Symphonia already has a lengthy ToC.

The pilot study that has been started by Behold SA is based on using structures interviews. Questions have been drafted and finalised after consultations with Louise van Rhyn.

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