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The Experience Factory

We, at Behold South Africa, believe in and have built our lives and business around social transformation. We believe that change is a conscious decision that occurs when society and communities decide that they want better and act expediently on that desire. As such, we developed a new and exciting way to tackle the field of consulting for corporate South Africa that provides quality services and addresses social issues. Youth unemployment, unnecessary brain drainage and a lack of availability of part-time work for professionals are the central issues the Experience Factory seeks to eradicate. Utilising experience that has left the workplace to provide a real life grooming platform for graduates, the Experience Factory believes it can create real transformation for both young and old by reviving lost knowledge and experience to harness new talent and introduce stellar employees to the corporate world.

The Experience Factory is a social enterprise designed to give unemployed graduates the opportunity to show and groom their skills by putting them in a real life working environment. The programme is designed to groom Talents of the Future (TOFs) over a period of two years in different industries and under different mentors in order to pinpoint their individual shortcomings and assist them by putting them through professional training on specific skills.

The Experience Factory leverages the talents of industry specific Experienced Professionals (EPs) against the inexperience of newly graduates (TOFs) to provide grade A consultancy services to corporates. EPs are required to have a minimum of 7 years in the industry and extensive experience dealing with the specific issues of the consulting project. They then utilise this knowledge to work in tandem with the TOFs to deliver on the requirements of the projects. While simultaneously imparting their knowledge, the EPs groom TOFs on general soft (presenting, dress code, boardroom behaviour) and hard skills (report writing, researching, project designing) required in the work place.

In order to ensure quality grooming throughout the programme, TOFs are monitored by the client, EPs and one another to get a well-rounded report on their performance during the project. These reports are then filed both physically and digitally to create a profile and generate a CV of performance. After each project the profile is reviewed to understand shortcomings and the Experience Factory then organises training sessions based on the results of the previous project. After two years the TOFs have a work experience profile that can be compiled into a CV and used to find employment.

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